Cheat Features: What you can expect with CWIN Apex

Apex is a great game to cheat in from a developers perspective. The game is highly exploitable allowing features such as, No recoil, No smoke, Aimbot and ESP.

Not only that, features such as, instant kill cheat, 2d radar cheats, remove cheats and more… But not all features are undetected (Safe). The apex legends developers announced that they had banned an estimated 3,100 players from ranked matches in May 2023 in efforts to improve their matchmaking and cheat detection systems.  

In this section of our complete guide for apex legends cheats, you will learn what features you will find in apex cheats and how to use them undetected.

Apex aimbot

Described in the main article, Apex legends cheats are a tool used to give you an assist with aiming. If you are an apex player you will know there has been issues with players using Aimbots to gain an unfair advantage during gameplay.  

Lets dive into reasons why: 

The apex aimbot is a computer program that calculates the aiming for you within a split second. By estimated the trajectory and position of the enemy player, the aimbot predicts where to shoot while dragging your aim onto the player for you. 

All Apex cheats come with aimbots coded into the menu of the cheat. To help the aimbot look more legitimate, the cheat developers code features such as: 

  • Smoothing
  • FOV Settings
  • Aim Keys
  • Select Target
  • Switch Target


Smoothing settings come in the form of a slider. The slider us used to increase/decrease the strength of setting. Your probably asking what is smoothing ? It makes the snapping effect of the aimbot more fluid. When an aimbot locks to a target, it will move your crosshair fast, this action is what people call \”snap\” or snapping. The smoothing slows and increases the speed your weapon will move and how hard it will ping back to the target as you fire. Higher and your recoil will outweigh the aimbot strength, to low and it will snap very hard.  

To stay undetected with this feature, its best to find a sweet spot in the middle. To configure the setting you can start a solo session in the apex firing range. Start with a high setting and shoot a target and work the slider down until the aim looks human-like. Remember, its better to miss a few shots than to give your self away. 


Apex FOV Settings

The FOV is short for Field of View, this cheat feature for apex allows you to set a boundary as a perimeter for the aimbot.  

Similar to the Smoothing setting, the FOV setting also works from a slider. The higher the slider, the bigger the FOV and the lower the slider, the lower the FOV. 

The FOV works in-hand with the aimbot and only locks on to people within the radius set. This is helpful to make targeting clustered people more accurate or to help you self stay undetected.  

Most apex cheaters will set a very low FOV and still try to manually aim. This way 90% of your \”snap\” will be you, legit. Then when your FOV meets the player, it will constantly lock allowing you to pin the trigger and hit every shot.

Aim Keys

Aim keys allow you to set the desire key you want to set to activate the aimbot. 

The default key is Right-Click. The default key to aim in most shooting games.

You can adjust the aim key to any key or button you want. 

The ability to adjust the key and separate it from right cick, lets you control your aim then decide with another key when you want the aimbot to kick-in.

There is no safety concern or setting that will help you stay undetected with Aim keys. Apart from, using a custom aim key to control your manual aim and choose when to lock would be safer when used correctly.

Select Target

Select Target works in-tandem with the apex aimbot. You can select the area of the player to target.  

The default settings you find are:

  • Head
  • Chest
  • Torso
  • Arms
  • Legs

The developer can choose exactly which selections to implement into apex cheats. Some developers find IDs for the eyes, hands, feet and even the pelvis. You might of heard of the term “head-eyes” from Escape from Tarkov… This is because most cheats for EFT aim for the head right between the eyes.

If you want to stay undetected in apex with this feature then you should change the area selection frequently. Switching the target will somewhat deter the anti-cheat from detection patterns.

Some users prefer to set the aimbot area to the torso then using the recoil settings along side it. This way they can shoot the torso and use the recoil and aimlock to get headshots and mix the kills up a little.

Switch Target

Switch target feature is coded into the cheat to make the aimbot more versatile… With settings like Switch Target After Kill, Switch Nearest Target and Switch Target Lowest HP. You can make sure the aimbot knows what to do when your shooting and downing multiple targets.

Switch Target After Kill: Will switch to a random target after you down or kill someone. This is useful if your in a small zone with multiple targets and want to empty a clip.

Switch Nearest Target: This setting will look for the nearest target to you after you kill someone. The aimbot will then snap directly to the other player. Good for undetected game-play as you wont accidentally lock to a player hundreds of meters away and fire.

Switch Target Lowest HP: Is exactly what it says… the aimbot will switch to the nearest target with the lowest HP after you down someone.

Apex ESP

Many people ask us, what is apex ESP?

Apex ESP or (Extra Sensory Perception) is a cheat feature players use to see the locations of nearby players.  

Walls, objects, not even water can stop the ESP showing you the locations of every single player in the game.

The player ESP works by placing a 2D frame or box around the players in your lobby and snap lines leading to them. You will notice as you jump from the plane, players will have small boxes around them. As they travel, no matter the distance, these boxes are visible.

Good apex cheats have detailed information regarding the players level and stats. This information is usually shown around the frame or box of the ESP.  

Information such as:

  • Player Names
  • Player Levels
  • K/D Ratio
  • Health
  • Armour
  • Distance
  • Weapon In Hands

Really, any player relayed information can be shown on the ESP and displayed where you want it.


If you have used an ESP for apex or any other game, you would have notices long colorful lines on your screen. 

These lines are called snaplines. They dont do much apart from direct you towards the enemy and how the position the aimbot will snap to.  

Snaplines wont help you stay undetected or affect your safety in any way.

Apex Loot ESP

Apex is a game where you drop from a plane with no gear and scavenge for a kit to fight with. Cheat developers have implemented loot esp into almost every cheat in existence.  

The loot ESP works a lot similar to the player ESP. Talking about boxes and snaplines can make it sound ugly but the Loot ESP takes a much cleaner approach. 

The visuals are smaller, cleaner and show the quality of the loot on the ground as shown in the pic below. 

The loot ESP comes with many configurable features:

  • Enable/Disable Individual Items
  • Weapons
  • Armour
  • Meds
  • Shields
  • Throwables
  • Ammo
  • Drops

Just about every feature can be hidden at anytime, sometimes with hotkeys.

For example you could enable only Weapons and that would only show weapons on the ground along with their quality.

Apex Glow Cheat

The Glow Cheat for Apex is another form of an ESP. The glow will fill the entire character with a selected color and make him visible anywhere at any distance just like the normal ESP.

Glow cheats can come in standalone loaders and considered undetected by a lot of users. This is because an aimbot or similar features are easy to detect and standalone Glow code does not have these detection vectors.

Glow cheats are alot cleaner and precise then the normal ESP. Instead of a 2D square box around the player, the exact player size and area is colored. Meaning you can ensure your on target when using a visible (Line-of-Site) Glow cheat.

The summary

Apex Legends cheats have a lot of features, some considered undetected and safe, while some are not.

Learning about these apex cheat features and how to stay safe while using them will firstly, save you some money, and secondly get you off to a head start if you come up against another cheater… Yes that does happen.

These are not all of the apex cheat features you can learn about, we have continued the guide into a new chapter called: 20+ Misc features from the best apex legends cheats.