Apex Legends Aimbot: How to choose the right aimbot

Since apex has a highly demanding userbase, the request from apex cheat customers are also highly demanding. Most additional aimbot features for apex have came from user requests. You can learn more about them below.

In apex hacks you will generally notice 3 different types of aimbots:

Memory Aimbot

Memory aimbots, operate inside the game memory and use internal functions to read and detect player related information like positions, movements, directions and more. Cheats then use this code to find the player and lock the aimbot onto them, more advanced memory aimbot have prediction and trajectory calculations to decide where the player is moving and how to compensate.

Memory aimbot is your safest option when using apex cheats, the setting allow humanization of the aimbot make you look legit and evade pattern detection.

Silent Aimbot

Silent Aimbot means you are kind of silently firing the weapon, not physically but visually. You can target the sky, look at the floor of shoot next to your target and the bullet will travel and find it way to your enemy. Silent aimbot heavily relies on the FOV Setting, the bullet will make its own path to any target inside the FOV.

Silent aimbot is more for the thrill seeker and not the ranked player, the aimbot is highly detectable and visual to spectators.

Perfect Silent Aimbot

You might otherwise recognise this as Psilent. Perfect Silent Aimbot works exactly the same as the normal Silent Aimbot. However with Psilent, spectators cannot see your use of the aimbot. Spectators will see you targeting the player normally, while you could be looking into the sky or off target.

While Psilent is safe to spectators, apex has extreme pattern detection in place and should be used with caution.