Extra Sensory Perception: What Is Apex Legends ESP

Apex Legends ESP is a cheat feature used to help you identify players and loot based on a set of configurable options, in short you can see every player and lootable item along with Health, Name, Quality and handfuls of additional features created to give you an advantage in apex legends.

The information displayed by the ESP is visible though walls at any distance, set the distance to show items or the distance to show players.

Apex Legends ESP Types

You will find 2 different types of aimbots for apex legends with many customizable features between them.


Box ESP is the generic ESP available in apex legends hacks, the ESP works by displaying a rectangular frame or box around players and loot to identify them, the box will respond to their movement and stance, even when they crouch or prone.

The other features you will find with the box ESP are:

Line ESP

A directional line that displays from the side of your screen, directly to all enemy’s on the map.

Name ESP

Name ESP displayeS the players server or character name above the ESP frame.

Level ESP

Works the same as Name ESP and shows you the level of the player above the ESP frame.

Head Dot

Head dot places a circle around the enemies head allowing you to make easy headshots without the use of an aimbot.


Glow fills the player with usually, a florescent colour. This ESP is a lot more smooth and responsive than the box ESP and makes it easy to identify players in line-of-sight.

Some other features you will find with GLOW are:

Visibility Checks

You can use Visibility Check to set a configurable colour to identify when players are visible and not visible. The colour responds almost instantly when identifying the players position.


You can configure the GLOW to change colour when the enemies HP is low, you generally see settings such as 80% HP, 50% HP, 25% HP, allowing you to set colours for stages of HP.

Mutual ESP features

Weapon in Hand

This feature shows you the weapon every player is holding on the ESP and works with configurable distance.

Throwable ESP

An option to make all throwables visible on the ESP along with detonation times.

Loot By Quality

Choose to hide or show loot based on configurable quality settings.

Armour ESP

Enable the EPS indicator to display players armour health