How to avoid a ban when using apex legends cheats

Anticheat’s and cheat developers are in a constant battle of detection vs evasion. Some would say its impossible to cheat in apex without getting banned. But you would have to really understand how the anticheats and cheats work to have a better understanding… Lets get into some details.

Cheat Detections

A cheat detection is unfortunately a 99% unavoidable ban. A cheat detection happens when certain internal code is flagged or the binary/memory of the reported player is manually analysed by the anti-cheat team. If the manual analysers notice the same activity across multiple devices acting the same, they can then blacklist it and ban all of the players at once.

Some detections can predate your last login. If the system can see this code in your memory from a previous date. There is a risk they can ban you even if you never logged before the detection.

Some detections ban the players running it now and then, then also ban anyone else that tries to load the cheat after it has been blacklisted.

How to Cheat Detections

Although uncertain, it could still save your back… You should make it a chore to check the status page of your chosen apex hack. Witnessing an offline or updating status, preventing a cheat load could save you from a potential ban. If the game detects you loading a detected cheat, then you will receive a ban after 1-2 games or around 40 minuets.

Pattern Bans

Pattern bans occur when the anti-cheats detects something quite impossible happening. It can be rage use of a silent aim aimbot, or a user that’s only getting headshots and has unusually high stats.

Apex legends is know to be good at detecting the use of aimbots in apex cheats and this because of the pattern recognition. It can detect if your aiming is normal, if your aim is snapping hard and overall evaluates how humanized your movements are.

This is especially true for apex accounts under level 20. Most of the cheating community believe apex enforce heave pattern detection for accounts level 20 and below. This is to get a good understanding of a new players patterns and compare it to players who use cheats.

How to avoid apex pattern bans

The most effective way to avoid getting detected from your movement is by making use of a “soft cheat” or soft like settings. Most cheats like TheGamesCheats offer a large selection of customizable options in the aimbot section specifically made for humanization and anti pattern detection.

You will notice features such as:

  • Smoothing
  • FOV Radius Value
  • Visibility Check
  • Randomization


When set to lower 0 and the aimbot hotkey is pressed. The aimbot will lock directly onto the player with a solid lock and move around on the exact bone you have chosen to target (This would both look un-legitimate to spectators and would be easily noticed by the anticheat.

– When set higher, to around 10. The aimbot would lock to the player then sway heavily around the chosen bone to humanize your use of the aimbot. Obviously with a setting of 10, you would barley hit your target. So its best to chose a setting in the lower middle so its still effective. But your missing shots like a normal player would and ultimately avoid pattern based bans.

FOV Radius Value

You use the FOV radius to set a parameter for the aimbot lock. When enabled a circle will be displayed on your screen. You would have seen this before in any cheat video or screenshot. The circle is then the radius for the aimbot to recognise other players, any player in the radius as the aimbot hotkey is pressed will be a target for the aimbot.

– Setting the FOV to the lowest possible value while still being effective for you is the recommended way to avoid pattern bans. The more manual aiming you do, the better.

Visibility Check

Is a smart ESP feature found is mostly advanced apex legends hacks like TheGamesCheats. Its helps you to stay undetected by showing when a player is obstructed or in line-of-sight with configurable colours. Sometimes its hard to tell when a player is actually visible and if you start shooting obstructions directly where the player is standing. This wont look good to any spectators.

In reality, just because a cheat is undetected does not mean you can go all out expecting not to get caught. You should always play and act like your not cheating. Look the wrong way, give people a fighting chance, and take time to configure suitable settings you consider “legit”.


Lets say your a new user and have never cheated on apex legends before.

You have 2 options. Cheat without a HWID Spoofer or Cheat with one.

Without a HWID Spoofer because, it’s an additional detection vector to worry about while cheating. Your spoofer could get detected before the cheat resulting in a ban and confusion why you got banned.

You will need to use a good cleaner and / or wipe your system to pay apex again if you are banned without a spoofer.

With a HWID Spoofer because, it will protect your HWID resulting in a simple click of un-spoof to play apex again. If you get banned while using a cheat. But as mentioned above, comes with an additional detection vector.

Its important to note… If you load a cheat and you are banned instantly when loading the game, this it most certainty a HWID ban or Trace File left on your system from a previous ban, read more below to learn how trace files work.

Trace file bans

Trace files are hidden files left on your system after you receive a ban in apex legends. The developer use these “hidden files” to identify your system if you try to circumvent the ban with a new account. You can identify either a Trace File ban or HWID Ban if you load the game and you are instantly presented a ban message.

Rather than take the risk in the first place you should run an Apex Cleaner like the one provided at TheGamesCheats. The cleaner will deep clean and files left to identify your system allowing you to create a new account and load the game without any issues.

Before you run a cleaner, you should logout of the apex account and uninstall the game from your system completely. Run the cleaner, redownload the game on a new account and you are good to go.

How to avoid bans with apex legends cheats

Now you understand how the anticheat works and how to avoid them. You should have a good understanding of what you need to do.


It cant be said enough, when we say a constant battle between game and cheat dev, we are not joking. The cheat status can change at any time.

Rule number 2: Humanization

Remember, an undetected status is 50% of safety. The other 50% is how you utilize the cheat to your benefit. Act like someone is always spectating. Spend time in the firing range configuring a legitimate config you feel comfortable with. And if this is your first time buying, consider trace files left from a pervious cheat ban and a HWID Spoofer.

Rule number 3: Use a Reputable Provider

The cheat is only as good as the developer. Providers like TheGamesCheats have invented new web based technology that ultimately removes additional detection vectors. Like hooking overlays to display the cheat insert key menu in the game. TheGamesCheats is fully customisable from a web based panel that communicated externally with your game. You can configure the cheat from your website account here are TheGamesCheats and the settings will reflect in game.

“While we recommend “Rule number 1: ALWAYS CHECK THE STATUS PAGE” to you. Our Rule number 1 is to always make sure our cheats are undetected at the highest possible standards allowed by todays technology.”