How to protect your HWID information

Protecting your HWID is something to consider if you want to cheat on apex legends.

If you receive 2 bans on apex legends there is a 100% chance your system is now HWID banned and if you load the game, you are sure to receive a ban instantly.

At that stage you have 2 options to consider.

Use a HWID Spoofer

The quick solution would be to use a HWID Spoofer like the one provided at TheGamesCheats. The spoofer provides you with a new set of HWIDs every time you click spoof. If you receive a ban with these HWIDs all you have to do is click un-spoof to play apex normally or restart your PC and spoof again to use cheats again.

Using a spoofer comes with additional detection vectors. Its possible you might receive a ban from the spoofer while the cheat remains undetected.

Wipe your system

The clean but long way that required you to have a USB or windows installation CD.

Wiping your system removes all traces of the previous bans and is sufficient to be able to play apex normally again after a ban. or use the cheat again without a HWID Spoofer, although you will have to repeat this process again if you happen to receive another ban.

Wiping your system removes the need to play apex normal again without a HWID Spoofer. You can even get detected without a cheat and just a spoofer on your new account. So its always best to do a full format on your drive.