Rogue Company Cheats: Hacks, Aimbot, ESP, Misc

Our new breed of cheats are exclusive to TheGamesCheats, Experience a new age of Rogue company cheats with web based loading and menu configuration. Control the cheat from your website account and cheat with minimal risk.


Its impossible to miss a shot with Memory Aim, TheGamesCheats rogue company cheat takes your mouse for a ride, dominate you opponents with a single click and let the aimbot do the rest.

Configure Hitbox Radius

To tell the aimbot when to respond to a click, only people inside the radius will be targeted and those outside ignored.

Skip Team Mates

allows you to instruct the aimbot not to target friendly players on your team.

Target Visible Only

lets you tell the aimbot to only target people who are in line-of-sight, TheGamesCheats rogue company wont lock onto people though walls or get you detected.

Player Visuals – ESP & Wallhacks

With TheGamesCheats cheat you can track every single opponent through walls, configure TheGamesCheats rogue company with 7 customizable options and hunt your enemy’s anywhere on the map. Line ESP shows a direct line to every player, Skeleton show a model of the players skeleton making it easy to chose where to hit, and Distance lets you choose when the ESP should stop rendering.

TheGamesCheats rogue company hack gives you the ability to track anything, All 26 Rogues, All Lootables, Bonuses, and even shows you the weapon in your enemy’s hand.

HWID Spoofer

TheGamesCheats spoofer keeps your system safe while you use CWIN deadside cheat. Mask serial numbers with a simple click, overcome existing deadside bans with a build in cleaner, and prevent new bans while you are cheating. TheGamesCheats deadside spoofer provides you with a new set of HWID serials on demand, 1 click to spoof and hide your serials, and 1 click to unspoof and revert to your original HWID numbers for playing without TheGamesCheats.

Our spoofer is fully integrated and free with our deadside cheat.

Easy Installation

TheGamesCheats rogue company hack is easy to install, create your account, complete your purchase and with the help of our web based loader you will be loaded and dominating in a matter of minuets. TheGamesCheats is 100% web based, you load and control TheGamesCheats cheat menu through the website.

  • Compatible on any Browser
  • Support for most Systems and Winver
  • Resposive across devices
  • Integrated HWID Spoofer

CWIN Support

Beside TheGamesCheats software is a dedicated support team constantly answering support tickets. After you TheGamesCheats rogue company cheat purchase, you will receive access to our private channels with 24/7 live support, full install guides and communication with hundreds of other users with

CWIN Rogue Company Pricing

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  • CWIN Rogue Company Download
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  • CWIN Rogue Company Download
  • 1 Day CWIN Rogue Company Key
  • 24/7 Support
  • CWIN Web Panel Login


  • CWIN Rogue Company Download
  • Main 1 Day CWIN Rogue Company Keyone
  • 24/7 Support
  • CWIN Web Panel Login