Super People Cheats: Hacks, ESP, Aimbot, 24/7 Support

TheGamesCheats super people

TheGamesCheats super people, new technology with the same functionality. TheGamesCheats is the first brand with a web based super people cheat menu, adjust cheat setting right from our website and watch the settings reflect in-game.

  • Easy to use
  • Big Community
  • Reseller API
  • Leaders in the industry

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HWID Spoofer

Free fully integrated HWID Spoofer

Sim pe to use

Web based cheat configured from any device


With aimbot enabled you suddenly gain a millisecond response time, auto lock to your targets, advanced trajectory calculations and the ability to never miss. TheGamesCheats super people cheat takes over the controls and allows you to finish your enemies with a single click.

  • Toggle the aimbot on or off anytime you like
  • Adjust the Targeting Speed to make your shots look legit
  • Set the FOV and instruct the aimbot who to lock onto

TheGamesCheats is a complete super people cheat package for those looking to dominate the battle royal.

Player Visuals – ESP & Wallhacks

TheGamesCheats has ESP options for every aspect of super people. All super hero’s, All 20 Weapons and all lootables in the game, configure which loot items to hide or show on your screen, see the weapon your enemies are holding and identify players and their chosen hero’s at any distance.

ESP will help you track down and identify weaker players by viewing their level and health status on the EPS, TheGamesCheats super people hacks will help you identify the best loot before anyone else enabling you to seek overpowered gear in the early game.

HWID Spoofer

HWID Spoofer circumvents existing super people hack bans by providing you with a new set of serial numbers each time you click spoof. It also prevents new bans while cheating by setting new HWIDs used to cheat with, If you receive a ban though player reports, simply click spoof and you are good to go again.

HWID Spoofer is free and integrated with our super people hack. TheGamesCheats spoofer can be purchased separately on request.

First of its kind

Our product is build around web based technology. TheGamesCheats is the first super people cheat brand with a responsive web-based cheat configuration menu useable on any device with a browser. Our super people hack is loaded and customized from your website account. Our new methods remove unassay detection vectors by displaying our cheat menu externally.

  • Configure your cheat on any device
  • Support for all windows versions
  • New and improved technology
  • An exclusive super people hack

24/7 Support

Receive 24/7 support with your cheat purchase, TheGamesCheats staff is available 24/7 in discord for any cheat related query whether it be a request for installation or a presale question, our staff are here for you.

TheGamesCheats super people pricing

View our store for full pricing and specifications


  • CWIN Super Seople Download
  • CWIN Web Panel Login
  • CWIN Support Channels
  • HWID Spoofer
  • 1 Day License (Super People Cheat)
  • Feature benefit five
  • Priority support


  • CWIN Super People Download
  • CWIN Web Panel Login
  • CWIN Support Channels
  • HWID Spoofer
  • 7 Day License (Super People Cheat)
  • Feature benefit five
  • Priority support


  • CWIN Super People Download
  • CWIN Web Panel Login
  • CWIN Support Channels
  • HWID Spoofer
  • 30 Day License (Super People Cheat)
  • Main benefit five
  • Priority support