Why to choose us?

We are not followers and we are not resellers. TheGamesCheats is an industry leader is finding new exploits and cheating method to share with the cheating communities.

On the side we have this store to deliver the best of the best directly to the customers while offering a service and support we deem fit for everyone.

Web Based Apex Cheats

All our cheats including TheGamesCheats apex is new technology and the first cheat with full web based loading and menu configuration, you can configure the cheat menu directly from your website account.

Our new methods offer cheats with advanced safety over the traditional resold cheat.

Our cheat menu does not show in-game, removing additional detection vectors to create to overlay hook. Instead you can change your cheat settings live from our web based panel and the settings will reflect in-game.

The menu is not just available on PC, you can configure the menu from any device with a browser, tablet and mobile.

Instant Set Up

Once your payment is complete, you will instantly receive download instructions along with as license key, run the download to hook your PC to the API and follow the instructions to load and configure your cheat though the web panel.

TheGamesCheats apex cheat is compatible with most windows versions, AMD and Intel CPU and comes with and optional HWID Spoofer.

24/7 Support

We have a large team across different time zones allowing us to offer 24/7 support to any guest or customer. You can contact us in discord or telegram anytime of the day ensuring you will get timely response.