Apex Legends Hacks with Aimbot, ESP, Wallhack, Radar Cheats

TheGamesCheats is absolutely thrilled to introduce our ultra smooth and undetected Apex Legends hacks collection, providing ultimate Aimbot features like wildly good precision and undetected no-recoil. Additionally, our ESP shows every single enemy, loot and other items on the map without fail.

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Apex Legends Hacks

Game: Supports Apex Legends (Apex)
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Why TheGamesCheats Apex Legends Hacks Over Competitors?

Here at TheGamesCheats, we know it be true that every single person who interacts with our brand is an individual with their own needs and desires so we make sure to match up with this expectation. Not only do we have a full on-board support team ready to assist at a moments notice but we also have a completely open community to discuss with as well! Here’s just some of our primary benefits, made with care for you:

  • 24/7 Support: Around the clock support superior to all other competitors, it simply cannot be matched. We are tailored around YOU, the customer! That’s it!
  • Undetected Cheats: We take all of our product development extremely seriously, believe me when I say this, truly. Not only do we make everything in-house but we also have fully dedicated tester groups to ensure quality.
  • Community: Our customers are valued so much that we’ve opened a lively community where everyone can talk, stream and get to know each other while having a fun time!
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Can the aimbot be used in a safe way, or should you only use ESP and other features?

Closet cheating is a common term used to describe players who like to stay on the safe side while using hacks in Apex. If this sounds like you then you want to avoiding using aimbots, instead enable the wallhacks, or other cheats that we offer to appear more legit while playing. If you still want to use aimbot while looking legit, that’s also doable by adjusting the cheat settings such as Smoothing and being smart to avoid reports.

If you are looking to purchase our Apex hacks, how would you get started?

Purchasing our Apex hacks is a very simple process:

  • Cheat Selection: We offer both a public and private variants for our cheats, decide which best suits your needs.
  • Instant Delivery: Alright, well you found the cheat and paid, nice! It’s that simple. Have fun cheating!
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Brilliance in Apex Hacks at TheGamesCheats

At TheGamesCheats, we make sure to tick off every box when approaching our Apex Legends cheats. Not only do we care about our customers experience greatly but it’s also a testament to why we first started our brand to begin with, it’s embedded in our core values to excel and outcompete. You can be confident when going with our product that you are getting the absolute best cheats you can!

Apex Legends aimbot

The aimbots we provide for Apex Legends have two settings:

Silent: Invisible Aiming

Our silent aimbot changes the game’s mechanics to make every shots of yours hit the enemy every single time, even if your crosshair is not on them. As you may expect, this is an extremely popular feature, it can be used for remaining Legit or Rage gameplay.

Memory: Locked In

The memory aimbot we provide is pretty fun, it’s the traditional aimbot most would think of when seeing hackers, simply moves your crosshair over to the enemy. There’s customizability settings to make the crosshair lock-on seem more natural such as smoothing adjustments and Field Of View as well.

Check out our Division 2 Aimbot Hack as well.

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Apex Hacks with Wallhack

Our Wallhacks allow you to see through any surfaces even if solid such as walls, world objects, and more. Here’s some of the primary benefits:

  • Distance ESP: View the distance any enemy is from you and tactically ahead to attack and counter!
  • Health ESP: Make smart decisions with movement and target selection knowing who the strongest and weakest players are.
  • Radar ESP Hacks: Quickly know when an enemy is approaching and their general location on the map.

Apex Hacks with Item ESP

Our Item ESP will show you all kinds of desirable things and make the biggest difference in your gameplay, imagine landing on the map freshly and then automatically knowing where all the loot is… Wow. That’s a game-changer.

Just look:

  • Weapons: Easily identify all the best weapons on the map and loot up quick.
  • Ammo: Never get into a tough spot by running auto of ammo, we take care of this for you with ease.
  • Heals, Armor and More: Staying alive is absolutely crucial to winning so our ESP will show you where all the Heals are.